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And now...the adventures of Luna and Wynn. Much like the adventures of Xena, only without the lesbianness...because Wynn and Luna are sisters. And that's just uncool and unfun. Lesbians however are very cool and fun. Er...where were we? Oh, right, story XD

I actually liken this more to...Morgaine's narative...whatever. Take this seriously, you must not XD

Adventures in Nowhere Land

You know, we bastard children get no breaks in this world. Well, we do in most worlds, but not these old-fashioned ones. Confused? S'ok.

See, my mother...The Lady Amy Madonna...was born with the ability to travel between times and dimensions, thus creating a kind of combined nexus of realities. And what did she do with this amazing power? Why, she became a Madame of course. A courtesan, a Lady Marmalade...whathaveyou. She gave this up after a time, when she had many children, but still...when the dating field is this vast, and you can shift reality at will...let's just say she has over 20 kids, most by different men, and she's only 28.

Don't get me wrong, my mom is awesome. She's an awesome parent. How she mannages to make each and every child feel special and loved I'll never know. My dad, however, was Eomer, King of Rohan, and that didn't make things easy for me. Especially when he abandoned me for his children by Lothiriel. I was four years old when this happened. I was quite distressed. Especially when my twin sister Marcie, who had a different father...yes, this happens now and then in this world...could spend as much time as she wanted with a dad who loved and adored her. I was jealous, I was angry, I was angsty.

My sister Luna was 21, and she took pity on me. Luna was the slighted first child of Aragorn, and while she had earned the title of heir to the throne of Gondor, she desired it not. We were soulmates. She took me with her into the wilds on her adventures, along with our older brother Forrest. This is the tale of our travels...


Luna stood in the vast hallway of her mother's mansion, waiting. She studied the paintings, the carpets, so pristine, yet trambled by little feet on a regular basis. As was proven by the little blue child who *bamfed* by, a little girl with blonde curls and wings racing not too far behind her. Luna smiled.

A door in the hall opened, and out stepped a tiny little bundle of leather wrapped in a green hobbit-sized cloak, with a poof of long blonde frizzy curls on her head. "I'm ready." Came little Wynn's voice from under her Pippin-esque scarf. Luna laughed, bending down to straighten Theodwyn's get-up. When her vision was cleared, Wynn looked up at the impressive figure that was her sister, all dressed like a cross between Xena and Aragorn. She knew then that she wanted to grow up to be just like her.

"Come along, little lady," Luna said, taking her hand. "Let us explore..."


We met my brother Forrest in the Wilds. Yes, that's Forrest with two r's. He was an impressive being, tall and blue-eyed, like his father, William Wallace had been. He carried me on his shoulders as we made our way through the trees and moors, singing or listening to Luna teach me about the wilderness, a wilderness that was a bit of Middle Earth, a bit of Midieval Earth, and even a bit of Endor here and there. It was beautiful. It was frightening. I felt at home.

That night we camped under the stars and my brother and sister told stories. Forrest talked about his betrothed, Freda, who lived in Edoras serving my father and his wife, and their children. Luna told stories of the Elves, that her father had told her. I was building my own stories, right there in those woods, that I would tell someday, when I grew older...

~ Lady Amy ^_^
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