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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
2:55 pm

Well, hello there. It's been a while! I suppose I should give a status update on where all of my children are lately. This feels like one of those dumb holiday newsletters and you know what, I don't care!

Caro is still 21, and off on her own, doing important things, I'm sure. Not keeping in touch with her mum, anyway!

Gaia and Scott have a nice home on Tatooine, not far from her father. Emma is six now, and they have an adopted baby named Luke. Oddly, they've started going by strange pseudonyms as well. Lily has been staying with them, but she hates Tatooine and can't wait to leave. She's still 16, which she's rather glad about, because her brothers Merry and Pippin are still aging somewhat-properly (they're 14 now) and catching up to her. It sucks being a triplet who's seven years older than her other two.

Sam is 12 now and has recently acquired his first drumset. We built a soundproofed room off my wing of the house because... well, it's loud. And he's... not very good.

Marie is as happy as an mutant-child with an absent father can be. She's still 15 and lives at home, but she wants to go find her dad like most of my kids do when they hit adolescence. Teenagers, honestly. Always wanting to know who fathered them. Not that she doesn't know, because she and her daddy were always close, but he's been gone for ages and she misses him.

Adrahil is nine and living with Faramir and Eowyn. Fair enough, I suppose. He's just like his dad.

Duck and his sister Lilac-girl are eleven now, and Duck is getting quite good at the guitar. He and Sam could start a band, if Sam ever gets better at the drums. Li has quite a voice, too! Her lyrics aren't much to swoon over, but she can sing like no eleven year old I've ever met. Though I might be biased, as her mum and all. Ed visits them a lot. He's a good dad, even if he's not in my life anymore.

Treeflower is ten now and REALLY wants to go to Hogwarts like her auntie Carter. She and seven year old Solaris live in a treehouse in the backyard. Solaris thinks it's a good idea to start digging a moat around the tree that they live in, because it makes it like they live on an island like Dom does now. Apparently Dom is snogging that blonde bint who lives on the island with him when he's in-character, and some skinny brunette when he's not. Good riddance, I say. Should've seen it coming. They all leave eventually. Not that I'm bitter, or anything.

Jason and Jayna are the babies of the family, at three. They're both showing signs of being strong in the Force like their big sister Caro.

I certainly do have a lot of mutant and magical and Force-sensitive kids. Very odd, wouldn't you say?


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Saturday, October 16th, 2004
11:32 pm

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: BlueChick@dangerroom.org

Hey Mum,
I'm here with dad.
Things are kinda boring. He makes us pray a lot.
Which is okay.
But I kinda miss you sort of a lot.
So does Quendi. Even if he's not talking.
He's sad. I love you.

~ Carter

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: MoppyEmoBoy@WhiteTower.com

I do not understand why you sent us back to our father. A father that is so very short, and who looks so very much like my eldest sister's husband. But I suppose you have your reasons. Estella is a very nice woman, and father is kind and jolly. Yet, I find living in a hole very odd indeed. I miss you, as does my twin. You know of Lan's nature, he's very brooding. He'll come around. Of course, we've been saying that for years...

My Best,

*sobs* I have deemed myself unfit to raise my dependant children *gulps* Even as Ralph is trying to convince me that I would be a wonderful mother to our child, I'm just not sure. Oh DENA! *sobs* My beloved eldest! I'M SORRRRRRRRYYY!!!! *wails*

~...I suck at life and everything

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11:29 pm - Just for the record.

I can't take this madness anymore.... so I've kidnapped Han and Chewie and stolen the Falcon and I'm not coming back forever.

Or at least for a while.

And we have self-inflating pillows and some leftover Ewok wine so we're good for a while.

That's right.

Just so you all know.

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Friday, October 15th, 2004
12:23 am

From: JediIvy2b@coruscant.jedinet.org
To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com

Hey Nan,

Remember that time I got sent home from elementary school with that note? The one that said, "Very Smart, Lots of Promise, needs to stop distracting others, and apply self"? And then there was that time I was suspended in Hish School, after me and my friend Ella ditched our uniforms for fishnets and pink wigs. Sometimes I wonder if I don't still deserve those clipped, biting little notes. Just so you know, I'm shagging my headmaster >.> Yeah, I know you got to him first, but when has that ever stopped any of us? ;-) I also know you must be thinking, "Wait, isn't my other granddaughter named Mara Jade? Wouldn't that like, make more sense?" No idea, Nan. No idea. But I'm having fun, and my training isn't suffering, and I promise not to pull a Padme on the guy. Figured you should know. I'll be around for Christmas break. Tell mum I say hi.

~ Yours,
Ivy Calrissian

*sigh* Sometimes I wonder as well...if my influence han't ruined the sanity of my children.

Things are ducky around here. I've been dating Ralph Fiennes for a bit now, lovely fellow, I find that I like him quite a lot!

And yes, my eldest Dena is shagging Han Solo and Dom and Zach Braff...not all at the same time though. I don't...think >.>

~ Lady Amy...we live in a beautiful woooorld...

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Thursday, September 30th, 2004
4:39 pm

I think it's about time for an update, eh?

Dena and Dom are still insanely happy, awww ^_^ The kids are beautiful, life is beautiful, it almost makes Mama Amy ill ;-)

Clive and I had our baby girl, Proserpine =) She's a doll, I love her, even with her antenni. Clive and I parted ways, but we're still good friends ;-) Next time I'm at Gosford Park, I know where I'll be bunking.

Gwen is doing very well. She's bought an apartment near Mara in Minas Tirith, and has opened a new age/wiccan/hippie supply shop there. All the Elves are raving about her products. She's doing well, but is still suffering some Dark Side side effects. Who wouldn't?

Am contemplating hopping one of the grandkids' X-Wings and finding a good Jedi cure for her at the Academy, where Ivy is studying...who knows, while I'm there, maybe I'll get myself another Jedi-baby XD

Anywhooo...not a whole lot more is going on. Luna, Theodwyn and Forrest are still off questing, everyone else is living semi-normally. I'm thinking of buying a summer home on Naboo. Life's good.

~ Lady Amy...*cackles*

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
8:19 pm


It's rather quiet around here. I find myself wandering the marble halls dressed like an elf, enjoying the gentle summer breeze over the grasses...

damnit I love this world!

Gwen is getting better, still hearing voices, but Ivy is helping her with that. My poor blue-haired daughter spends all her time wandering the house and muttering to herself and her voices *shakes head*

Gawain (my son, not the knight) is on his way here, to see if he can be of any help.

May is here as well with her kids, that is nice. I think I'll have Dena and Dom come over the mountains for a nice family dinner...

Luna has a new boyfriend, Arthur's knight Tristan, yes you heard correctly. Clive is ajusting to this strange altering of reality...

Sean is still seething over the fact that I'm not seeing him exclusively *sigh* when will he understand?! I've not had good history with long-term relationships, and I most likely never will!

I AM Miss Independent! Hmmmph!

Now to go make my catatonic child some chicken soup...

~ Lady Amy

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
3:19 pm

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: RightfulHeir@rohirrimunited.com

Well, after a long and bloody battle above Coruscant, we won the day. Gandalf was there, as was the spirit of Qui-Gon. It is he whom we must credit the most, for speaking to his daughter. Gwen is in pretty bad shape, and she's in a coma. We're sending her to you for Dark Side detox, there's hope for her yet. Make sure Mara Jade and Ivy are able to visit as often as they can.

~ Theodwynn

~ LadyAmy...thank Eru =P

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
6:35 pm

another glimpse into the daily mailbox...

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: KitchenMaster@HobbitSupport.com

Hey Mom,

Well, our papers finally went through, and we've been able to adopt the most adorable little hobbit lass! Her name is Primrose, she's two years old and she lost her family last year in the flooding of South Farthing. She seems really happy here with us, Daisy is just beside herself. And man, I'm just about ready to fall apart =D Daisy says she's already a daddy's girl. It's really awesome, you should come and visit! Send some of my siblings, while you're at it! We love kids!!!

Your's Always,

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: GuitarEmoBoy@rohirrimunited.com

Mother and Sean,
I love and respect you both dearly, but I am afraid my feelings for Lorna cannot be denied. We're running away together, by the time you read this we'll already be in Tar Valon. She will be starting her Aes Sedai traning, in the Red Ajah. I will become a bard, and together we'll be endlessly happy, I promise. Tell Frodo that he and nephew Sam can visit whenever they wish...
Mom, please don't be mad at us, and don't let the fact that I'm eloping with your boyfriend's daughter weird you out.

-- Fender

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: MaySoFarAway@coruscant.org

Things aren't too good this side of the galaxy, mum. While my family has of course been granted life as usual, the rest of the planet has been put under a harsh dictatorship. Public executions, ethnic cleansing, streets paved in jello, you name it. Gwen isn't well at all. I really think Gawain should come out here and talk to her, he's her twin, she'd listen. Or anyone from the family other then me, we're family but we never really bonded =P She won't even see me, even though I've been given pretty nice digs.

Oh well. Aaron is doing fine, he's a very good baby. Daria isn't going to school anymore, I don't trust the system anymore. I'm seriously concidering moving back home for the kid's sakes. In fact, I think I will. Right now.

<3, May

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: RightfulHeir@rohirrimunited.com

Luna, Forrest and I are leaving for Coruscant tomorrow. We'll be dropping Luc at your place. Please do not try to stop us.


P.S oh yeah, Qui-Gon says hi.


my children are crazy. Oh well. Thank the heavens for Gawain...

Me: "...only if I can kill Lorna."
Sean: "...seriously dismember?"
Me: "Ok. I'll help."

~ Lady Amy

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1:51 pm

Edited May 30, 2006

The official children lists for future reference!! XD
* denotes real person
^denotes having own kids
number after name is current approx. age
(name) is the father of each child XD

Amy's: 28, currently SINGLE!
*^Dena, 26 (John Rzeznik)
*Squee, 25 (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac)
*Piper, 25 (John Rzeznik)
*Storm, 15 (Agent Mulder)
*Hannah, 23 (adopted)
^Iris, 22 / ^May, 22 (Robby Takac)
^Al, 24 (Johnny Depp)
^Starlight, 21 (Mel Gibson) / Forrest, 21 (William Wallace)
^Butterfly, 20 (Elrond)
^Gwen 19/ ^Gawain 19 (Qui-gon Jinn)
Fender, 18 (John Rzeznik)
Chloe, 15 (John Rzeznik)
Perrin, 13 / Lan, 13 (Dominic Monaghan)
Carter, 11 (Kurt)
Quendi, 11 (Kurt)
Theodwyn, 16 (Eomer)/ Marcie, 8 (Joe)
^Luna, 23 (Aragorn)
Penny Lane, 8 (Sean Bean)
Proserpine, 5 (Clive Owen)
Aiden, 4 (Ralph Fiennes)
Rook (Matt Damon)/ Mayla (Joaquin Pheonix), 2

Dena's: Single
*^Caro, 21 (Han Solo)
^Gaia, 20 (Obi-wan Kenobi)
Merry, 9 / Pippin, 9 / Lily, 16 (Obi-wan)
Sam, 8 (Mike Malinin)
Marie, 15 (Logan)
Adrahil, 6 (Faramir)
Duck / Lilac-girl, 5 (Ed Robertson)
*Sarah, 17 (adopted, daughter of Glorfindel)
Treeflower, 6 (Dom Monaghan)
Adrianna, 19 (adopted)
Solaris, 4 (Dom Monoghan)
Jason/Jayna, 2 (Han Solo)

Daria, 4 (Justin Timberlake)
Aaron, 2 (adopted)

Frodo, 17 (Courtney Love)

Kat, 7 (Jon Bon Jovi)

Mara Jade, 21 (Aryn)
Ivy, 19 (Aryn)

Iris': Recently married Jack Black in Vegas
Lightbulb, infant (Jack Black)

Starlight's: Married to Victor Creed, living a nice quiet life in Devonshire, England XD
Escalus, 7 (Victor Creed)
Morrigan, infant (Victor Creed)

Gawain's: Married to Daisy Gamgee
Primrose, 4 (adopted)

Lucian, 2 (Hugh Jackman)

Emma, 2 (Scott Summers, aka Cyclops)

Lizzer, 16/Toast, 16 (Indiana Jones)
Ralph, infant (Mace Windu)

Ruby / Sapphire,3 (Captain Jack Sparrow)
Ludo, 1 (Jareth)

Aaaaaand I think that's everyone XD yay!

~ Amy...word ;-)

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
10:25 pm

well...that was interesting ^_^

Dena and Dom finally got married, yay! It was a beautiful ceremony in Hobbiton. ALL the family was there, including every single ex ^_^
Dena looked beauty-ful *sniff*

John was there >.> he was very sweet to his firstborn. Logan and Marie (the child, not the mutant) showed up, as did the spirit of Qui-Gon.

Josh...has left me for one of Iris' elf friends >_< John tried to win me back...but Sean saved the day ;-) I love him, I really do.

I am back to being single and happily lovering, lol. Dena and Dom are on their Rivendell holiday, and all is well.

...I have my eye set on Jesse James now. Think I'll start hanging around auto-zone XD Either that or ask for someone to attach a few cannons and spikes on the dodge dynasty...

~ Lady Amy...*huggles Penny*

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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
12:21 pm

So, apparently, my daughter is keeping her wedding plans secret =P But she did tell me the wedding will be in Rivendell, and that I should wear green.

Am busily making myself a new dress for the occasion.

Penny can hardly speak or crawl, yet she's already taken up knitting. She's very good! The girl knit herself her own security blankie and a pair of socks. *plays with her oh so very red baby curls*

Josh and I are planning a nice long vacation for just the two of us after Dena and Dom's wedding...god knows I need it. A month without kids or drama, woot! We can't decide whether we want to visit Tar Valon or Naboo, however. Perhaps both. I love this...ability to travel between dimensions ^_^ I'd better not mention this to Gwen, however...she might lead the Sith to attack and take over Naboo, and give the planet to me as a wedding gift =P

Luna still won't tell me who the father of her baby is. I worry. I mean, it's not like I've ever disaproved of my children's choice of partners...been worried about, sure, but their lives are their lives. I can only give wise (hopefully) council. *sigh* I do worry that she won't slow down in this whole...Xena Warrior Princess thing she has going.

Ah well. Must get back to this dress ^_^ Will be sending the hubby to get fitted for something formal in Lorien, those poncy elves will have a FIELD DAY with him ;-) Hmmm...I should send him with a note to my granddaughter Lily, who's currently shacked up with Haldir.

I love this world ^_^

~ Lady Amy

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
10:27 pm

Alright so...about an hour after Penny was born, Josh and I ran off to Vegas and got married >.>

Hey, if my daughter can do it, so can I XD Sean gave his blessing, and the assurance that he'll sorely miss friday nights...

AH WELL! ^_^ *snoggles hubby*

~ Lady Amy...who seems to be RPing alone *sigh* *SMACKS DENA* WAKE UP!!

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2:29 am

Yay! I have another daughter! Her name is Penny Lane! Her daddy is Sean Bean! She came into this world in a silk-lined breadbasket! She looks like Oona ^_^

Yes...that is all! ^_^

~ Lady Amy Madonna

current mood: giddy

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
1:52 pm

And now...the adventures of Luna and Wynn. Much like the adventures of Xena, only without the lesbianness...because Wynn and Luna are sisters. And that's just uncool and unfun. Lesbians however are very cool and fun. Er...where were we? Oh, right, story XD

I actually liken this more to...Morgaine's narative...whatever. Take this seriously, you must not XD

I'm glad you're on my side...Collapse )

~ Lady Amy ^_^

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
6:29 pm

...today, in Lady Amy's mailbox...

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: MightySmiter@rohirrimunited.com

Hey Mom,

Verily, I hath met upeth with my sisters Luna and Theodwyn. We go forth, to trek through the wilds and seek our fortunes and adventures and fates. I hath given my heart to a fair maiden of Rohan, the Lady Freda of Edoras. I know this shall gladden thy heart.

All my Love and Respect,

To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: MaySoFarAway@coruscant.org

Daria is getting so big mom, it's amazing! She's running around in the fairy costume you sent her last week.
I got your note, and yes, it is true, I'm expecting again! This time via adoption agency ^_^ Daria wants a little brother to play with and I really like this whole 'single mom' gig. Dad LOVES being a grandpa, Daria loves him to death. He hasn't seen John in a while, in case you're wondering.
Oh, and I think Gwen just took over the planet.


To: Faymunra@rohirrimunited.com
From: DarthGwendolynn@evilbadasses.org

Darling Mother of Mine,
I bring tidings to thee in this great hour. As of today ALL of Coruscant belongs to the Sith! I lead our dark forces in an invasion of the pathetic planet, and verily we have won the rights to it! Much blood was shed, and not a drop in vain! Mwaaaahaahhahahahaha ect ect. I know I make you proud. Tell Ivy and Mara Jade that I have paid for their next year of college and lodgings. Tell Aryn that I am still out for his blood, that I shall trample his spleen under my big spike-heeled black boots.

Darth Lord Gwendolyn

*sigh* My children =P Good for Forrest, yay May, and...gah, someone should go challenge Gwen >.> *looks at Luna*

~ Lady Amy...

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1:26 am


Luna, my baby girl by Viggo, is no longer a baby. She got into the ent draught and is now 21. And a warrior faery girl. She's already kicked Eldarion's ass and has been named heir to the throne of Gondor, but she desires it not for now. She's off with little Wynn...who's been abandoned by her father, sadly...fighting evil in the wilds. Go her, says I. I'm very proud =)

Iris and Jack Black ran off and got married a while back O_o I...never expected such from her, but ah well. They seem happy. She is pregnant.

Sean and I are expecting ^_^ A little girl, we shall name her Penny Lane.

Dena's daughter Lily is...apparently moving to Lothlorien for Haldir >.> we'll...not tell her about her grandmother's days as a Madame in Lorien, eh?

Dena and Dom are hinting at wedding plans ^^

Sean and I are very happy with our crazy relationship. Kurt is very happy fighting crime and serving the Lord. Most of the kids are well ajusted ^^ Even Al! He's single and living in a nice apartment, and wants Frodo to come live with him. Father and son must reconnect, as Al and Johnny Depp have.

~ Lady Amy...I live happiness =)

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Thursday, February 5th, 2004
9:41 pm

WoW, so much to say XD

First of all, Sabertooth and Starlight got married and are living in Devon with their little furry Escalus. Dena and Dom had a baby girl, her name is Treeflower. Marcie and Wynn still hate each other, but ah well.

Kurt left me to dedicate his life to the church, and I'm all like...ok! =) We still love each other, and he's off being noble, so yay.

Sean Bean moved in shortly afterwards >.>

~ Lady Amy ^_^

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Friday, January 2nd, 2004
8:26 am


So, Starlight had her big furry bundle of joy today XD A boy, she has named Escalus. Dun ask why. He's a cute bugger, just...very fuzzy and blonde XD Sabertooth is a very proud Papa. Starlight is a very sore mommy.

hehe. Marcie is with her daddy at work today, with lots of aunts and uncles to play with...*slightly scared*

Wynn is here, being spoiled by her Rohirrim daddy ^^ Kurt is off saving the world. Dena is busily snogging Faramir.

Life is good!

~ Lady Amy ^^

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
11:26 am

Yay babies!

My granddaughter sarah and her pirate had twin girls! Ruby and Sapphire, they are beeeeuteeful!

And I had my impossible twins XD Wynn and Marcie...Eomer is quite perky, Joe is quite um...speachless? Yeah XD He's hoping Marcie will be a drummer ^^

21 kids...you shall be the fellowship of the bastard children...er wait, all of Kurt's are legit...

~ Lady Amy

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
11:10 am


wheeee parental testing!!

TigrrPrincess: grams, how long does it take in this world to have a baby?
Faymunra: however long you want...and how much ent draught you've had often helps, lots *hands her a mug*
TigrrPrincess: yay
Faymunra: see, that's why the kids grow up so fast sometimes
TigrrPrincess: ::Nods::
TigrrPrincess: ::drinks::
Faymunra: it's genetic now...tho you were adopted, so you might need a little help XD
TigrrPrincess: ::nods::
TigrrPrincess: yeah..
TigrrPrincess: in this world though, I have no memory of my life before dena, so really, anything is possible
Faymunra: bwaa
Faymunra: *gasp*
Faymunra: we should do a paternity test!!
TigrrPrincess: uh oh.
Faymunra: oh I haven't had to do one in AAAAAAAGES!
TigrrPrincess: and a maternity test, lol
TigrrPrincess: yay~
Faymunra: right XD
Faymunra: usually, I have Dena around, but ah well
Faymunra: *whips out hand home parental testing kit from under the desk*
TigrrPrincess: tch, she so didnt's ay g-night to me
Faymunra: me neither =P
Faymunra: *pricks you* blood sample ^^
TigrrPrincess: eep
TigrrPrincess: ^^
Faymunra: *makes up DNA chart magically*
TigrrPrincess: yay~
Faymunra: okay *goes through eeeeeeeeendless files*
TigrrPrincess: ::Gasps:: I hope jack's not my dad >.<
Faymunra: I doubt it...you don't have any gold teeth ;-)
TigrrPrincess: ::laughs::
TigrrPrincess: o.o
TigrrPrincess: ::checks::
Faymunra: however...hmm....*pairs chart up with legolas'*
TigrrPrincess: NOPE! ^^
TigrrPrincess: ...
Faymunra: *scully squint*
TigrrPrincess: ..
Faymunra: nope, but very close...
TigrrPrincess: phew...
Faymunra: *scratches head*
TigrrPrincess: we almost hooked upt here...
Faymunra: *snort*
Faymunra: hmmmmmmm
Faymunra: I wonder...
TigrrPrincess: we would have, if my horse wouldnt' have banged his
Faymunra: *grabs different chart*
TigrrPrincess: he wasn't very happy
Faymunra: LOL
TigrrPrincess: he realyl loves his horse...
Faymunra: *matches up*
TigrrPrincess: a little... too much...
TigrrPrincess: ...
Faymunra: *holds up to light* (and that was disturbing) *Scully squint*
TigrrPrincess: lol
Faymunra: O_O
TigrrPrincess: ....
TigrrPrincess: ........
Faymunra: well, we know who your daddy was
Faymunra: *is XD
TigrrPrincess: who who who
Faymunra: ....Glorfindel!
TigrrPrincess: 0.0
Faymunra: you lucky girl you XD
TigrrPrincess: ee~
Faymunra: *gives him a ringy dingy on her spiffy old fashioned phone*
TigrrPrincess: ::nervous::
Faymunra: "Hello? Glorfy?....I'm greeeeeeat, how are you? How's Valinor? Good Good...."
TigrrPrincess: ::nervous::
Faymunra: "Well, seems my daughter has adopted your daughter ^^"
TigrrPrincess: ::nibbles on nails::
Faymunra: ".....Glorfinde?......Yep yep.....Really? Reeeeeaaly?"
TigrrPrincess: no wonder I get so mad at arwen... stealing my dad's role...
Faymunra: "aww....well, yes, I'm sure she'd like to visit you, she and her hubby sail a lot ^^" *leans over* He can't leave Valinor...obviously....but he can let you visit! (I adore movie!Arwen, save the fact that she stole your dad's role XD)
TigrrPrincess: ^^ I get to go to valinor!!!!!
TigrrPrincess: eeeee~
TigrrPrincess: ::Dances about a bit::
Faymunra: "Uh huh....well, I'll tell her! Okay Glorfy....send my regards to Elrond...make sure Celebrian can hear you ;-)...byebye!"
Faymunra: Well! Apparently, you, my dear, are halfelven XD
TigrrPrincess: well... who's my mum?
Faymunra: Your mommy was a female ranger, of the non-mary sue variety
TigrrPrincess: ooo
Faymunra: (very rare)
TigrrPrincess: ::laughs::
Faymunra: she had you, then...got shot by orcses =(
TigrrPrincess: ::Frowns::
TigrrPrincess: ::sits down::
Faymunra: so...Glorfy looked for you, nowhere to be found...then the sea got all obsessed with him and called him home before he could find ye
TigrrPrincess: i can understand
Faymunra: so...we still have no idea where you were for the first 12 years of your life, but we know where you came from! XD
TigrrPrincess: ((::is being dorky and reading up on Glorfindel::-))
TigrrPrincess: hehe
Faymunra: heehee
Faymunra: *huggles granddaughter*
TigrrPrincess: ::huggles back::
TigrrPrincess: hmmm... I wonder what he'll think about my marrying a pirate XD
Faymunra: oi...that could be an interesting family reunion XD
TigrrPrincess: yeah...

~ Lady Amy...O_o

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